TGH Billing Service, Mental Health Billing

TGH Billing Service, Inc. is an innovative medical billing practice management and consulting company, established in 1999.

Our primary goal is to obtain maximum claims reimbursement in a timely manner and at an affordable rate.  We pride ourselves on being well organized, efficient, and very precise in the daily management of our billing operations. We are able to accommodate all unique and individual practices.

TGH Billing Service, Inc. uses the latest technology available, and has the ability to provide prompt and effective service to our clients while maintaining HIPAA Privacy Practices.

TGH Billing Service, Inc. makes it easy for you to maximize the profitability of your practice and drastically reduce your paperwork.  We will handle the billing, the insurance follow up, and will track your reimbursement.  Our goal is for you to be paid for the time you spend with your clients.

We’re more than billing, we’re building!  Bridging the gap between provider, patient and coverage.