TGH Billing Service, Inc. works for you!  We pride ourselves in timely and persistent follow-up of unpaid and denied claims, ensuring you receive the compensation you are due.

The services we provide regularly include:

Patient Services:

  • Obtaining outpatient mental health benefits
    • If authorization is needed, we may be able to authorize the initial visit.
  • Monthly patient billing
  • On demand patient billing for
    • Deductibles
    • Co-pays
    • Co-insurance not collected at time of service
  • Offer aging reports for patient balances


  • Insurance filed daily, weekly or monthly as directed by the provider
    • Electronically, fast and accurate
    • Paper copy
    • Web-based secure filing
  • Workers Compensation Claims with provided documentation
  • Auto Insurance Claims with provided documentation
  • Commercial and private insurance companies
  • Medicare
  • Offer aging reports for insurance company balances


  • Timely and persistent follow-up of unpaid and denied claims
  • Assess each case of pre-existing unpaid claims and pursue for collections
  • Make “soft collection” efforts (collection letters) on delinquent accountsœœœœ
  • We use PDM Collection Agency located in Jacksonville, Florida.

The primary goal of TGH Billing Service, Inc. is to secure payment for the time and service you provide for your clients.  We have a 90% success rate in obtaining unpaid and denied claims. As your billing service, we pledge comprehensive, consistent and accountable commitment as we work together.