TGH Billing Service is efficient, provides timely filing for quick reimbursement and fight my insurance battles so that I can focus on client care.  I often receive unsolicited compliments on the competency, efficiency and professionalism of TGH Billing Service from my clients.

Isabel Alfonso, Ph.D


When I started my private practice, I decided to do my own billing to save money.  It took less than a year to realize I felt like I was spending more time with insurance companies than clients!  When TGH began doing my billing, I felt finally free to just focus on the work I am called to do.  They have been a blessing to me.

Tracy Bane, LCSW


TGH Billing Service has given me the one commodity I value the most:  time!  Their services allow me to spend my time doing therapy rather than trying to find my way through the maze of insurance forms, regulations, benefits, and requirements.

Joyce Ducas, Ph.D


The economic benefit is clear and the peace of mind in invaluable. I have simply turned that entire are of my practice over to TGH Billing Service. They are extremely competent, knowledgeable and respond to questions in a timely manner. I didn’t get a Ph.D in order to learn the insurance industry, I got one in order to treat people.

TGH Billing Service has been responsible for all aspects of billing and insurance filing for my full time psychotherapy office for the past 10 years.  The service provided is outstanding and comprehensive.

TGH Billing Service is professional, intelligent, honest, up to date on the newest changes in insurance, and is a pleasure to work with.

The billing/insurance portion of my practice is worry free as a result of the outstanding performance provided.

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